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Full Version: These 'Lockerz' threads...
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I thought referral links and such were supposed to be against the rules? Basically these threads are all referral threads, as the referrer gets points and stuff when they refer people.

imho, it's ridiculous and should be b&.
I haven't seen them actually post a link that has a referral in it, as far as I know they are inviting people via email. I think that's okay, if that is the case.

But as for the threads, I don't think they're necessary. They should just put it in their signatures or something.
Not necessarily links, I thought referral threads were against the rules too? o.o
Which is why I've said the threads aren't necessary. A simple note in their signature along the lines of "PM me with your email if you want an invite to Lockerz and win free items" or whatever they like would be acceptable, in my opinion. It's far less intrusive. Smile
I was more or less looking for clarification on that rule, but none the less, okay.
Ok, sorry, I just thought I could, anyhow, if you wish to, you can delete my thread.
I forgot to add that if you see anyone else posting threads about it to please hit the report button. Thank you.

@Infranight, it's okay. I'll leave the thread, it will be pushed down in time. Smile
I just want to point out that this site is not "invite only" even though they say it is. If you go to their site and sign-up without an invite code it will tell you it is invite only, but if you wait you will receive a system generated e-mail with a link to register.
i will not lurk moar

but what is lockerz?

Confused a prize viral website?
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