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Full Version: MyBB Showcase 2.0
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Okay so this is how it works, instead of finding about the features and why people should be apart of the site, lets talk about the Administrator and see how he/she operates it. Such as the name of the board, your MyBB URL hot locations of what makes your site ticks, your MyBB Version, why you administrate it for, and what you do on your daily basis administrating it etc.

Why Should this Thread be here?
Well to really think about it, it will help others give inspiration of what their forum should be like or how to operate it. It can gives signs and suggestions to other new comers as well.

This forum is JUST for your administration style, not your site. ITS ABOUT YOU!

Here is the form you need to to fill out to use MyBB ShowCase 2.0:
[b]Name of your Board and Why you chosen it?:[/b] Explain the name of your board and tell us why you called it that.

[b]Board Hot Spot:[/b] The URL to the best part of your board.

[b]MyBB Version and Why?:[/b] What MyBB version are you using? And explain why.

[b]Years Owned MyBB:[/b] Put -1 if this is your first year!

[b]What Made you decide to use MyBB?:[/b]

[b]Number of Mods/Plugins Using:[/b]

[b]Number of Themes Used:[/b]

[b]Experience as a MyBB Admin/Moderator/Member:[/b]

You can reply here on the thread and tell the whole community of your Admin style.

MyBB Version and Why?: What MyBB version are you using? And explain why.
Number of Themes Used:
Years Owned MyBB: Put -1 if this is your first year!

Number of Mods/Plugins Using:
Why would i care? I'd care more about custom ones?

Experience as a MyBB Admin/Moderator/Member:
Doesn't apply always.

Just my 2 cents. The rest it actually a very good idea.
Okay then.
I disagree this more of a templates for testimonials not showcasing. A showcase should be about the site/forum not the admin. As well you can get an idea of the admin from his site.
i think 1st post it's really ok
emm, this is not a showcase thread... is just a suggestion on how the Showcase threads could be done in a future.
Quote:MyBB Version and Why?: What MyBB version are you using? And explain why.
Oh yeah, I like to run an old version because I like to get hacked and am Lazy.
Yeah you don't exactly pick and choose what version you want to run, you should only run the latest version...
Okay then, whatever, close it or delete it, idc