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Full Version: how to stop 2 posts to merged?
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Hello friends,

Problem is when a user do a 2 or more then 2 continuous, forum merge all these posts into one post, like in below url, you can see, user "sabi" did 2 posts and both posts are showing as one post with the line between both of them

But when Admin did 2 continuous posts, it shows both posts separately.

can any one help me out to stop mybb to merge posts from users?

Cheerz Smile

Admin CP->Posting->
Post Merge Time
With this enabled, posts posted within x minutes by the same author right after each other, will be merged. Set the time limit (in minutes) to merge posts. Set to 0 or leave blank to disable this feature. Default: 60

You can also exclude groups from the merging (like it does for admins):
Merge User Groups to Ignore
Usergroups, separated by a comma, to exclude from the merge feature. Default: 4 (Administrator). Leave blank to disable.
thanks dear Smile