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Full Version: Chatto! forum
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It's a new chat forum I've created. It's called Chatto! Chatto means "chat" in Japanese. You can chat about basically anything there.
Looks good, your forum sure is fast. Good work.

You just need content. Otherwise people won't join.
I don't see a single post on your forums, why would I register when I have nothing to talk about and no useful content to read?

You need to address these two issues first.

Also, there are many many many general chat forums already; maybe you should be a little more specific, how about a Japanese travel forum or something?

Your theme doesn't fit to well with a general chat forum either, it is to professional IMO and a TLD would be beneficial.
I hate releasing stuff for criticism when It's not ready. Toungue What I'm saying is, the ad spots and banner obviously need to be dressed up for proper comments.

Looks like you put quite some time into the actual forums of your forum, however; you're lacking content as stated above.

As per your general direction of heading... The use of your forum is found on over 50% of the forums out there. You're going to need a unique niche!

Best of luck,

First off, wayyyyy too many forums. Cut it down to five or six tops, at least until you get a decent userbase.

Then, register a whole bunch of accounts as different people, and get your friends to do the same, this will make the forum look active and get users to join.