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I think it's OK as it is. If people really want to post a forum with 3 members, 5 posts and the default theme expecting lots of praise it's their choice...
The showcase forum is meant to be just that - to show off your MyBB forum or work. If someone does come along with the default theme, wanting praise for their 124,320,421 sub-forums and categories and 16 posts, then they'll soon know about it.
(2009-11-10, 10:23 PM)combus Wrote: [ -> ]I've seen some communities with a quite good amount of members and posts that uses the default theme. Also, 100 posts is quite a lot for a starting community IMO.

Though, we should surely have some sort of filter on the showcase. But not a subforum, maybe before posting, it gets to some sort fo validation process?
My bad I meant 10 Big Grin little typo.
(2009-10-19, 11:23 PM)Ryan Loos Wrote: [ -> ]Moved.

This would probably result in another one of those "favouritism" arguments. Everyone here is seen as equals, and as such, their threads should be treated that way.

+1. The showcase forum is to get/intake criticism about your site, no matter it's size/looks.
Although it's called "Showcase" and you will probably associate that word with pretty things we use it here to mean "post a link to your forum powered by MyBB". We don't really care what it looks like or how many people have posted.

As long as it isn't illegal content or something else frowned upon by us then we leave it be.

This probably isn't likely to change. There are a few points made here that we have discussed previously though, but basically we decided that the current way is great.

Perhaps we could do a clean up? Delete threads that have not been posted in for over a year?

I'm not exactly sure why you want to make less posts/threads on the forums though. Trying to see reason but I cannot.
That's also true, there's no need to clean up that forum. Just as there's not for any other forum IMO. People who bump that kind of posts are generally spammers.
I think for a site to be eligible for showcase they must have two of these three things:

*15 Members
*50 posts
*A non-default theme

I don't think that would eliminate any genuine showcase sites and I think it would filter out many of the junk submissions. At least it demonstrates they have put more than half an hours worth of effort into it.
I don't. How does a forum start? How do you attract users?! I would rather this then spammers right left and centre!
Spamming their forum that is.
(2009-11-11, 01:29 AM)T0m Wrote: [ -> ]I don't. How does a forum start? How do you attract users?!

You tell 15 of your mates to start by making some decent posts, you put it in your signature and you write some nice content posts that people will value and either get found in google or linked to (by them in some cases) on forums.

Realistically, the foundation of most big forums isn't laid here. Its laid by doing lots and lots of promotion and I think sites should be here to be critiqued and "shown off" not for promotion as such.
I think it's a good way to get your intial members (hell I do tons of things my friends aren't interested in). Although I do think there should be a sub-forum or something for sites that have actual work put into them.
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