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Full Version: [I] Logout and last visit
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Am I right that when you log yourself out the entry in the column "lastvisit" in the users table gets updated?

If yes than there's a little problem because some users don't log themselves out. Because of that the last online date in their profile is wrong.
Just a suggestion: You could use something like that:
        if ($memprofile['lastvisit'] > $memprofile['lastactive'])
        $users_lastvisit = $memprofile['lastvisit'];
        $users_lastvisit = $memprofile['lastactive'];
        $memlastvisitdate = mydate($mybb->settings['dateformat'], $users_lastvisit);
		$memlastvisitsep = ', ';
		$memlastvisittime = mydate($mybb->settings['timeformat'], $users_lastvisit);