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Full Version: Blue Breeze (Release)
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Changed from the concept look slightly the curves just didnt look right in the end. Expect my styles to improve greatly as i get back into the swing of things.

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Download button psd

very very nice! love it
I think, maybe u can change part of the header to palao's DigitalArt, I like his header very much, as its different from many other themes
Excellent job Darren! I especially like the patterned borders around the categories.

Very Cool, I just might use this for my forum.

Awesome theme, I love it! Only one problem. The buttons (PM, WWW, Email, etc.) don't fit the table.

See screenshot.
Thank you.

Ok i knew i should have checked the postbit in IE.

To fix this.

Goto, Themes > Modify/Delete > Blue Breeze

Find the page container section. Change the 700px to 720px.

Ive updated the style to correct this also.

Thank you, sir! ^

Worked like a charm! Smile
Look Great Smile
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