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Full Version: colspan prob in Who's online Complete list
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I am having this (Screenshots Below) Problem in who's online complete list.

screenshot 1:
[Image: 10rrdco.png]

Screenshot 2:
[Image: b9abl.png]

I have Mybbpro theme. I know I need to add colspan after <td> tag but I can't seem to find place where to add colspan in the Who's Online Template.

Please tell me briefly where to add the colspan tag.
MyBB Pro 1.1 seems to be fine and 1.0 shouldn't also have that problem, what did you try to modify and what templates did you edit?
yeh....I did some edits...but I can remember which templates I edit. Can you tell where I can find who's online complete list template.
Templates -> MyBB Pro Templates -> Who's Online Templates -> online

Hopefully that helps ^^.
This is for a custom theme and shouldn't be in the general help.
Yea next time post it in Themes and Templates -> Discussion & Support