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Full Version: 1.6 Admin CP says Im running 1.4
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Is this a bug or is it just because the 1.6 is still in dev?
When I go into my Admin CP it says Im rinning 1.4 Dodgy
Quote:Download MyBB 1.4.9
The core package to get started with your bulletin board

The latest MyBB release is MyBB 1.4.9.
Im using the 1.6 SVN Code.
You can fix it yourself but it doesn't matter if it shows that you are running 1.6 .It still has a lot of bugs.
Go to inc/class_core.php :

class MyBB {
	 * The friendly version number of MyBB we're running.
	 * @var string
	public $version = "1.4";

Change 1.4 to 1.6 and voila you are running MyBB 1.6
Maybe 1.6 has a time travelling feature?
It's most likely due to the fact 1.6 that 1.6 is still in development so they haven't worried about minor cosmetic things.
Yea, its just annoying seeing that alert everytime I come on telling me to upgrade Toungue
Your not supposed to be using it for anything Toungue.
(2009-11-20, 06:29 PM)NetSage Wrote: [ -> ]Your not supposed to be using it for anything Toungue.

...except testing for bugs and reporting those nasty little critters.

The class_core version variable is only really changed when we release an update.
Ah ok. Thanks Wink
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