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Full Version: Dental care forum
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Intro: A dental care forum for people to discuss problems of their teeth and how to take care of them.
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You should really get a theme, I think you could get a really nice teeth oriented theme =P

Looks alright though, good luck.
Good luck. You should try getting some teeth icons Wink
They can glow when there's a new post, and be some-what dull when there aren't any. I hope you can get a lot of glowing teeth Wink
Wow I've never seen a dental forum haha. Nice job.
I am myself going to read some of the articles there. Make sure to fill it up with easy and useful stuff. Things you can easily do from home, so you don't have to go to a dentist to do certain things.
And indeed you should and must get a theme.
lol, nice work.

I also think you should get some teeth icons. My only problem is with the width of the forum, every time i see a forum that 90% of the page i leave it. Squish it together a little. Maybe 70%?
Nice forum, never seen one like it.
Good job on finding an untapped forum idea.
I just want to confirm one thing:

Were you high on pot, crack, LSD, heroin, or something else when you came up with this brilliant idea?

If not than still brilliant!

But really hire some designer in to make you a awesome teeth design Toungue.
If you want, i could make you one, i have a design in mind.