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Full Version: Redesign
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I recently redesigned completely.
Some key things:
-Board Stats
And a lot more.
BTW, thanks to Aaron for the navigation idea.
Please critique, I wish to fix things.
You really love big stuff....

When you go to the 'logo' has a blurred dot on the top right hand side. The whole logo is blurry.

I don't like the drop shadow when you hover, it doesn't look very good.
Yeah, and I'll fix the blur dot.
As for the logo, it doesn't seem to be blurry, however, I did add a opacity on hover.
As for the drop-shadow, I might keep that.
Thanks for the comment!

Yes does look nice, just saw the thanks for the nav Toungue
In my opinion the footer is a big to big, overall GREAT improvement!
Also they colors look horrible on IE8 (menu and footer mainly) include a if IE CSS tag and change the colors for IE Toungue.
I see what you're talking about in the footer, I'll see if I can make any revisions.

Haha, the thanks was in the post originally, I just edited the post to add the link.
And sorry if you didn't want anyone else to use it, it was just so nice.
WOW, your postbit is incredible! Awesome job!
Overall not too bad.. nice job. The postbit is rather hard to follow imo. Definitely unique though - kudos for that. I must comment on the shadows; they look way overused imo. It makes the site look blurry. Too blurry.

I love the footer though, looks great Smile

imho drop shadows only seem to work if they're used in a few key areas. For example, larger items. A shadow beneath everything, well, just doesn't jive and as I said makes it look blurry.

Ok, I've changed the hover over link to a more solid color.
In my opinion the post bit is to overwhelming when their are short posts. Their is to much black on light close to each other making it hard to concentrate on the text when the post the small.
To much black on white for my eyes but that could just be me.
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