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The latest Gadget News and Reviews!

I've been working on this for quite some time, mainly because I haven't been able to find a theme that suits me. At the moment the theme that I have set is going to be used for the time being.

Post your feedback and if you have any suggestions, PM me them or post below.

You can also contact me over at Gadget Forums, my username there is Gadget.

Thank you, GadgetForums.
Nice i signed up. If you need a theme made, don't hesitate to contact me on msn. [email protected] Smile
I believe their is already something like that way bigger xD:
Yeah, I know there are bigger and better websites right now but hopefully I can make a good go of this site Smile

Anyone got any suggestions? Perhaps any certain themes or plugins I should add to improve the site?

I'm a subscriber over at so if there are any there, don't hesitate to suggest them to me Smile
I have now got a new theme which a friend of mine created and I have added some extra features to improve the look of the site.

Head over to now and check it out!

I am still open to suggestions. I want to do everything in my power to help improve Gadget Forums.

Thank you.
The theme can use some work, get better background, header, logo, legend icons....
The "Off-Topic Communication Centre" category should be beneath the other two categories.
Funnily enough, that is where it was the first time but a few members requested for it to be moved up.

I'll be changing it as soon as I get the time to.