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Would it be better to lock threads from like two years ago or any old thread, seems everyone bumps them for no reason at all.
Well not all sections need this though. Like a suggestion the feedback forum could still be relevant.

Plus very few people actually bump them compared to the number of people on here everyday.
So far the only people I see that bump threads are those damn spam bots/humans.
There's alot of them who are active here all day, that do to.
I say that there should be an option for the thread creator to close his/her own thread(s).
Who cares? If they get bumped for no reason, they get locked anyways. Have close, will open.. and vice versa, if users can do it themselves.
Or maybe when it reaches a number of replies or years it could closed automatically.
It should be, but i think they want as little plugins as possible. I totally agree. But still...
As annoying as they may seem to be, in all fairness there aren't all that many that are bumped to make it such an important an issue to deal with. If it was I'm pretty sure some idea would have already been implemented to resolve this.
There is labrocca's plugin that does have the self close feature.

(2009-12-02, 03:29 AM)Mark.M Wrote: [ -> ]i think they want as little plugins as possible.
Not sure if that's completely true we have a few plugins on here that help mods to do their job.
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