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Full Version: Forum Junkies
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Site Name: Forum Junkies
Site URL:
Description: Forum Junkies is not a promotion based forum. It is just a general support based forum. We are here to help your forum grow, by offering discussion with other admins, echanges with users, and you can advertise your forum on ours. Our goal is to see your forum get bigger. So stop on by, no post requirement to get your forum added in our forum directory.
Your Name on the Board: MrJohn

Forum Admins/Founders

MrJohn and Grievous
The logo doesn't fit on the header, make the logo text transparent.
You chose a really fugly theme, and the logo doesn't fit in the header.

This could be a good site, though. I registered Smile
Hmmm thanks, may I ask what browsers you are using?
Safari 4 on OS X Leopard.
EDIT: New theme is much better, but the copyright doesn't look quite right on the left, unless it's an error.

Yea the copyright was an error, fixed. Thanks for the feedback CAwesome.
No problem Smile
New skin and new logo. Our forum has really taken off. Come check us out.