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Full Version: MyCode loads really slow..
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Hey All Rolleyes

I have a problem.. hoping some amazing person on here can fix it Toungue

Well, I'm not sure if the inline moderation option uses MyCode.. but if it does.. it loads very slow.. if it doesn't use MyCode, why is this function loading slow? (see attached thumbnail)

Another function that loads slow is the Advanced Quick Reply Form plugin created by Phenomenon.. it takes at least 30 seconds to load, and when it does it takes you out of the text field so when you press a button it goes to the top of the page.. what is the problem here?
This isn't a MyCode issue. MyCode is what's used to format text in the post.

[b]Bold Text[/b] or [i]Italic Text[/i]
to produce Bold Text or Italic Text

With custom MyCodes it can also can be used to do other things like embed YouTube videos
[youtube]Video URL[/youtube]

Your problem is probably with your server / host. What hosting do you use? I'm not an expert on this stuff though so you may want to post in the General Support Forum.
Yeah I figured it was a server problem.. =/

Thanks RPicard
(2009-12-19, 10:59 AM)jay. Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah I figured it was a server problem.. =/

Thanks RPicard

Any time. Smile