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Full Version: Codebuttons and Opera
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There are some problems when you use the editor with Opera because the codebuttons don't work as they should.

1. When you click on a codebutton, for example to format text bold, the tags get inserted at the end of your message no matter where the cursor is.

2. When you mark some text and you want to format it by clicking on a button the start tag gets inserted at the end of your marked text.

So it would be nice to make the javascript Opera compatible. Smile
dear micheal
do you know a wysiwyg editor that was compatable with opera in this feature.?
you see, i know some fetures planned for IE and some one for compatabling with all browsers. some of browsers dont support some features and may do past or not.
btw if you know any editor, it will help team to make code compatable for more browsers.
perhaps dreamweaver? I use it all the time. Its great for php Smile
dreamweaver? do you mean it is a wysiwyg editor? as mybb's editor (for posting and mycodes?)