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Full Version: Drupal and MyBB Bridge
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I have been searching for a Drupal and MyBB Bridge yesterday and I had no luck. Since MyBB helped me a lot, I decided to help the community back. I am now developing a MyBB and Drupal plugin. I do not guarantee that I will finish but I am doing this project also for one of my websites and so I will try to finish as I will use this plugin / hack.

Now, when you go to register on MyBB, it will also register you on drupal. I still need to develop a way to register on drupal that links to MyBB. Or Maybe, I could just have people register at MyBB.

After five hours of hacking into drupal and mybb, I decided to give up. If I were to continue this bridge, I would also have to make :
  • registration in drupal
  • changing password
  • changing email
  • changing username
  • changing all of the above but also in admin panel

Sorry, all you Drupal users. I have decided to switch my site from drupal back to WordPress. This means that I wont be developing the plugin anymore.

I have accomplished the registration though so if anyone needs a start, you can reference to this plugin start.

To download this incomplete plugin:
no need just integrate it... but the encryption method in mybb is the only problem...

if you have the encryption method you can easily go to your stuff
hi there joshli thank you for making an start at this project as i need this for one off my websites i am going to pick this up and bring it back to life

so drupal and mybb users stay tuned

i will first start with just making users get accounts and both systems before i do any other Bridge work as soon as i have done this i will post up the plugin here at mybb mods and module to drupal for people to use and carry on making exta later on

thank you again joshli for your hard work i be sure to keep all your copyright in ect when i post this for all to use