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Full Version: [FREE Request] limited invitation system
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i need this invitation system like in vb an free

the vb hack is open source

[Image: 5n3ktj.jpg]

[Image: v771ut.jpg]

translate espanish to english
Do you mean a system to allow only invited person to join your board?
an example is:

I have 5 Invites and if they register as my refers but the limit of invitations is limited to 5
Oh, that i didn't get. Openinviter doesn't work for this. Though it would be a good plugin.
So what you want isn't just an invite system, its an invite system with auto-referral links.
He wants it like that lockerz thing. I think it would be a good idea though.
I don't know what lockerz thing you're talking about. I don't know Spanish if its the crap he posted at the top.
Like Googlewave. Invite only.
(2010-01-07, 11:01 PM)Mark.M Wrote: [ -> ]Like Googlewave. Invite only.

Well, whether its invite only or not has what to do with what I said *bonk*

invite with automatic referral links...

Could simply have an option to be invite only or normal registration allowed
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