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Full Version: Terms of Use/Service Upon New User Registration
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After MUCH searching on this site, I found reference to the file to modify the Registration Agreement each new user must accept prior to being allowed access to the site.

However, many boards will have very disparate requirements, and there simply is not enough flexibility in constructing an appropriate TOS policy.

Editing the php file is kludgy, at best - and unless a person has knowledge of the vagaries of what is allowed and the syntax (I do NOT have that knowledge), it is essentially impossible to create an appropriate form.

It would be nice if this document - and perhaps the text of the email sent to each new user - would be editable from the Admin CP.

- Dan
heloo there

this is already a project for the next version of mybb Wink
being able to edite lang files from admin cp

read here

many regards
Not too sure if this will make the next version, but we do have it on our roadmap.