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Full Version: HR MyCode
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This is a simple and yet useful mycode that will post a horizontal line. I use it all the time Toungue

Horizontal line

This will post a horizontal line.

Regular Expression:

Just not just use

I am pretty sure

This mycode already exists Toungue

I would have thought it would have prevented you from making the same mycode twice though...
yeah this mycode already include in mybb


Really? I had no idea that this was an included MyCode. What is the Expression for it?

It's used when posts are merged as well.
That is wierd, I never knew that Toungue Would have helped me alot before I added this Toungue
It's used when MyBB merges posts.
Only if it's enabled I think.
It's enabled by default. You can also change it to something else.
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