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Full Version: new posts may require moderation...
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"If the administrator has specified that all new posts need moderation..."

Can't it be like:

"The administrator has specified that all new posts need moderation..."


"You will be taken to your post"

depending on the setting? I'd like to see this because it's such a large piece of text to read in less than a second before the window loads another screen. I think it's not very user friendly this way.

Quote:Thank you Kilroy, your thread has been posted.
If you selected to post a poll you will now be taken to the poll options page.
If not, you will be forwarded to the new thread.
If the administrator has specified that all new posts require moderation you will be returned to the thread listing.
I like that suggestion, in fact I liked it so much I just added it to new threads and new replies in rc4!

It now only shows the extra parts when required Smile

Cheers, Kilroy! Smile

Cool thanks mate Big Grin
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I don't think they should show up when a user isn't logged in Smile
Well the thing is, if a user logs in via the posting page (by putting in their username and password) then those options should be available to them for use..

I think there was a similar discussion to this (however it was about other options) on the beta discussion forums, which you're now part of @ <- Login with your forums details.

Thanks Chris, valid point, I will check out the beta forums Smile