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Full Version: [release] Nice Group Image
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Let me introduce my name Kurniawan from indonesia
i have done with my group image
[Image: team-administrator.png]
[Image: Co-Admin.png]
[Image: team-mod.png]
[Image: satpol.png] similiar Guard forum
[Image: Donatur.png]

.psd, .png, .gif

Free modif

If u like Shy just request file [[email protected]]Mail Me[/email]
nice Smile , thanks

The stroking is annoying to look at IMHO. Also the squashed icons are a bit tacky.
@Skyance, thanks for your critic
Don't get me wrong they look like you spent a good amount of time on them, and they look great I'm just "telling it as it is". Sorry If I offended you.
sori mod OOT,@Skyance no no no i'm just fine Smile