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Full Version: XHTML compliance
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Not so much a bug I thought, so I thought let's post this here. A random thread of these myBB forums is not XHTML compliant and I think the entire board is not XHTML compliant, while you do specify an XHTML Transitional 1.0 DOCTYPE. IMO this is a bad thing. Have a look at what's wrong with the code:

You'll see - it's a lot.

A few common mistakes:
  • Images without alt tags
  • Image tags without trailing slash: <img src="blabla.gif" alt="blabla"> should be <img src="blabla.gif" alt="blabla" />
  • Tags are not closed
  • Tags are nested incorrectly
  • URLs with a unencoded ampersand in them (ampersand = & ), so each & needs to be changed to &amp;
  • <hr /> should be written instead of the current <hr>
  • <hr /> does not support the attribute "color" in XHTML

There are obviously more errors but these were the most important. I haven't been able to check your CSS for you since the XHTML wasn't marked up correctly. If you need help fixing tell me I'm willing to help Smile
A lot of things have been improved in regards to RC4 and this, however it is still not perfect.

This is one of the things we will also be concentrating on for the final release.

Good, I can see that on RC4 there are only 8 errors. It's still 8, but it's lots better. Great job! Also, the character encoding is not specified on RC4... might want to look into that Smile
My suggestion would be "No". Internet Explorer does not yet support XHTML (tho it decieves you into think so), and for XHTML to work properly you'd have to have the application/xml+xhtml mime-type set on the perticular extension your using for your pages (since it's a script it's *.php, I don't know if the people have made a special extension for XHTML+php - i.e *.xphp).
Not true. The RC4 beta board looks fine in Internet Explorer AND is XHTML compliant. I don't know who told you the tale that Internet Explorer can't display a correct XHTML page but it is totally incorrect. Please only talk about something if you know what you're saying.
No no no no, let me rephrase: If PHP is not set to the mime-type (in the server configuration) application/xml+xhtml then XHTML inside that *.php file will not work properly, you dig? Tho it might seem to work if it's put into a normal .html file or a .php file it doesn't really work.
The real purpos for XHTML is to add XML support to HTML and since IE fails on both application/xml and application/xml+xhtml the reason to use xhtml is redundant: Please, keep it HTML 4.01.

Got an URL for you to suck on:

However! I found a workaround on my googlehunt:

So if you do decide to keep it XHTML atleast do the ignorant a favour and add that perticular piece of code to your code.

Thank you, and use Firefox for ****s sake! Toungue
All i'm actually doing is parsing the HTML through the W3C validator, cleaning up the HTML so there are no errors according to the validator, then going through Opera, Firefox and IE to double check its all rendering properly according to those standards.
What the hell are you talking about? If it loads in the browser correctly then it obviously works in the browser Toungue Besides... that page is for 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 is out.
What and Where's this RC4 thing I keep hearing about? Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
RC4 is due sometime at the end of this week hopefully. Nothing is certain yet.

Its currently in bta testing with a few more things to work on.
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