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Full Version: Show Version Numbers (no)
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If you use the admin interface to select "Show Version Numbers: no", it does indeed remove the version from the main page. However, the /admin login screen still shows the version number.

One would want to remove this to help disguise their forum from spiders looking for easy prey.

'nuff said
The version number has already been removed from the ACP login for the next version Smile
Dennis, when is the next version out? Smile
Not in the very near future. Can't say at this point.
Are we talking 2007, or something a little sooner? Smile
Really, we have no "release date" in mind. So it could be next week, or it could be next month. It depends on if Chris thinks it's ready to be released.
Well, I say Chris should say "Its coming out tommorrow"!
Maybe we should pass a hat to buy him redbull & pizza? Smile

Any hoot! Keep up the great work.
Why does the version ID need to be hidden in the ACP? I use that (as admin) to make sure I've got the latest version of MyBB installed.
Because the admin login screen is public by default Smile
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