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I recently downloaded MyBB 1.6 (yes I finally downloaded the SVN just to see that it screwed some of my Win7 stuff) and wanted to add a bug to the bugtracker at

Okay, I had to reregister, no problem. But I would like to mention that you really could find a easier solution to report bugs and work on 1.6 with you guys...

Anyway, when I added my bug report I got a 500 internal error. I did submit the bug report again with the same result but it got posted to the tracker - twice.

It did however not attach my PNG image at all.

Maybe you should look at the system and edit my bug report here:

Delete the duplicate:

PNG I wanted to attach:

Lennart Sauter
Yeah, the bug is with Redmine when you try to attach attachments. When they have a fix, I'll see if I can get Chris to update Redmine.
Okay, so that was the matter.

Thanks for deleting the duplicate ticket and looking into this issue.

Lennart Sauter
Solving it can be by her the text box just extwas widened. CSS solutions usually do not help so much and may cause more problems. The easiest way is increasing the cols attribute that offers the textarea element in HTML. For this you'll have to edit your template, specifically the following:

1. newthread (New Thread Templates)
2. newreply (New Reply Templates)
3. editpost (Edit Post Templates)
4. private_send (Private Messaging Templates)

The templates can be found in the Admin CP under Templates & Style> Templates
There you click on your template to Expand templates.

If you have opened the template, look for the following line:

rows="20" cols="70" 

There would have to close the attributes are rows and cols.

rows are indicating the number of text rows and cols the number of characters per line. Both values are in times of CSS a bit outdated, since they provide through various formats and various fonts not always the same result. But they are required to (X) HTML but (as it deletes not easy!). rows we should not now interested in further and will be ignored.

Play for free states. A good test is to set the characters per line on 90:

Save the template and look at the result in your forum. Is still a break there just increased the value until it fits and best fits him about it yet to the value 2, since not all browsers provide the same output. So, since you are on the safe side, any browser that is generated in a transition.
The textarea (in the editor) probably has width: 100%;, that's why. Go into your CSS, and change it to around 98 or 95-97%, and it'll show fine.
It's not going to be the css.
My forum did the same thing.
I changed the attributes of the textarea fields to 25x100 and it works fine now.
It COULD be the CSS, in certain areas/browsers. Meh.
I'm confused...what's the problem here?
I think you can't attack things in redmine. Thus he couldn't attach the screenshot showing the problem in the ticket.
Right, this is the screenshot to the bug issue...

Solutions should go right into redmine, not into this thread.