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Full Version: [Question] Shaddow
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How would I get a shaddow like the one in the image just for the container?

heloo there

1st to get that right side shadow!!

we will need to remove all the borders of the container

than add a background with and image which is an horizontal cutting of let's say the middle of the image u posted!! ( awhole horizontal line, from the right side to the left)
repeat it y ( repeat-y)

now for the footer

create an image with the footer of the image

add it to the footer template, at the end as this

<div class="footerimg"><img src="images/bottom.gif" border="0"> 

creat an new class in the theme manager called footerimg
having a 0 padding, width which is correspondence to the one ur intending to have, white background.

make sure to make correct width of the all elements u are usingSmile

regards , i hope i was enough clear as i'm in a hurry
Thanx for your help
I get this:

I get the same thing with the footers.
What I want is the background to go all the way up...

I tried to use it as body background, but that messed up the look when I changed the resolution or windowsize...
everyone asleep? Sad
Have you added the bottom and top images in the templates?
no, because I didn't know how to create a new class and didn't understand everything after that :$
Read this tutorial

it will explain how to add new classes

what do you exactly mean with a new class? :$
a new theme? Or a new subtheme? Or a part of the CSS options of a theme?
a class is something like

tcat, thead,trow1, where u assing it in the html codes in class="trow1" so that part get customized depending on the specified class.
a class is a set a CSS attributes


.mynewclass {

float: right;
text-decoration: none;


and what ever u want.

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