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Full Version: Ip address logged
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"Ip address logged"

It sort of annoys me to have this at the right side of every post because there are usually not more than 5/10 people who actually need to see the link per forum. Why not just hide it for people who are not authorized to see it anyway? Smile
Requires another permission test, which equals load, while the Logged link kinda scares potential abusers of the board too Toungue
I know it will be another permission test but if a thorough permission test is just done at the load of every page where the user is logged in there's nothing bad about that.
It would have to do it on a per-post basis, or else have whole separate postbit for those who can see it and those who can't.

Maybe you could code a little mod for that purpose Smile
Not me anyways - I'm too busy writing my own CMS Smile

But then again I don't see the need for a mod here lol, it's not that hard.
Actually, due to some changes in RC4 I can now hide it without running an extra query or anything :banana:

Consider it being hidden then :p
Told you it was possible! Big Grin

[Image: banana2.gif]