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Full Version: Can't advertise non mybb?
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Alright, I looked at a thread ( ) and saw that it has been locked and link has been removed because he wasn't running on mybb.
This in my opinion, isn't right at all.
It's not like he was hurting mybb or anything. He just runs on a different forum because he likes it more.
I mean, I have two sites. 1-MyBB and 2-vBulletin.
Don't you guys know that other people like other forums better than mybb?
All he did was post a link to his website that was running on another forum.
What if he didn't have a forum at all? Would you lock the thread because he's not running on MyBB?

Please don't take it the wrong way. I'm not trying to be mean or anything.
I'd just like to know why.

Because it's just spam then. They don't have a problem if the site is actually useful. Your welcome to always include the vB site in your signature.
Yes, but it's not like other people don't know vBulletin.
Also, we aren't comparing MyBB to vBulletin, so that doesn't do anything.
I still don't see the point why it's like that.

Thanks for the reply.
These are the MyBB forums, we don't allow people to advertise just any site they have, it has to be running our software. That's perfectly logical in my opinion. Of course we know people like other software more, but this isn't a general advertisement forum. That thread was just to advertise their site, if it had been running MyBB, would have been fine. I highly doubt if we went to the forums of other softwares and posted links to forums running MyBB, it'd stay for very long. If we allowed it we'd just have tons of threads with people linking to random sites.
Because it's spam! There is only one showcase section and that's for mybb boards. The chit-chat forum isn't a showcase section.
This is the MyBB Community forum, not a webmaster/admin/promotion forum.
(2010-02-17, 08:30 PM)FullMetalBabe Wrote: [ -> ]This is the MyBB Community forum, not a webmaster/admin/promotion forum.