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Greeting everyone, I currently creating a Forum calling it Shiny Central, I need more idea on expanding the site. Got one? well then register at my site and gave me some feedback. the link is bellow
I think you should make the posts viewable to everyone.
Yet another General forum. AND Afresh! Same old same old..

Good luck.
Make the posts viewable for quests because:

A) Google, Yahoo, and other sites will have a hard time adding you to the search engines aka horrible SEO

B) Guests will not register because someone is hiding the forums. In fact most people will not register because they don't know for what they are signing up.
oh alright thank I will fix those problem
(2010-02-21, 05:38 PM)Joshee Wrote: [ -> ]Yet another General forum. AND Afresh! Same old same old..

Good luck.

I don't get it. What's wrong with Afresh? If people like it, does that mean no one else should use it because it's popular, not because it doesn't look good?
I'm not saying it doesn't look good. It's one of the best theme in the Mods section. But almost every general forum uses it, and it just gets annoying seeing it all the time.
It seems our forums are tons alike both general discussion forums.
If you would like I would love to affiliate with you the link to my forum is in my Signature.
Otherwise add me on MSN [email protected]
alright I'll affiliates you
What happened to your website/forums?
Are they down?
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