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Full Version: Adding iBB
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I think MyBB should add the iBB skin by Infranight.

Just for the forum though.

It would be easier to browse without having to zoom in.
As was said in that other thread, the whole reason we don't add plugins and themes here is so that users get as good a representation as they can of what the software is actually like. Adding a custom theme would completely go against that. And then we'd have lots of other authors wanting their theme added, complaining they're being treated unfairly if we didn't add theirs, etc etc. Can of worms.
Well could the MyBB Staff create a custom, more linear version of the forum for mobile viewing?

And I don't mean the archive mode, but something linear like it but with a little colour.
I actually have to agree with Lydon that this would be a smart idea but maybe instead of taking Kyle's make your own or have some agreement with Kyle that it can be used on MyBBoard without having any copyrights or links that are associated with Kyle's websites/service.
You have a few custom plugins and edits. It would show how customizations can be done. Though i agree a paid one would be bad, maybe one that is homemade would suite it better?
I'm sure Kyle wouldun't have much of a problem with that Zomaian.

But yeah there needs to be something. In the morning before I catch the bus, I like to check for recent posts and its hard to check when you have to click tiny links and you keep hitting the wrong one.
Lyndon have you tried veiwing the archives?
Yes but i don't like it. And it's still fairly small on my iPod.
We have plans to build a mobile version right into the 2.0 series. This is not 100% set and stone though.
That would be great!
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