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You have to install files in your root folder it won't work other wise.

I made this one ever though i know there is a plugin out there, but I don't think it looks very good, it doesn't show up in one of my themes and its kinda complicated for some of my members. So thats why i made this. This works best on big images because it resizes it to 200x100 so it works best on images bigger then that


Short Description:
Makes light box for for big images

Regular Expression:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="lightbox.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="lightbox.js"></script>
<a href="$1" rel="lightbox" > <img src="$1" width="200" height="150" /> </a>

How to use it:
[limg]LINK TO IMAGE HERE[limg]

None. This MyCode resizes big pictures and makes them small. When you click on them they become big. Check the live demo

Live Demo:

You need to install these files in your forum root. Not the folder, the files inside the folder. -- The best place for all your MyCode needs.
Very nice BBCODE , thank you very much.
No problem.
This is totally useful, I already installed it in my bbcodes. Thanks. Wink
Kewl, I'm glad.
I have been wanting to get something likes this. My theme fails whenever people post big images.
How can I have this in my forum without accessing the FTP since i'm just a freehosted forum...
Then you'll need to host it on some one else's website then modify the code to get the code from there. If you need to, I can give you the modified code with the codes linked to my website. PM me if you want it.
mate please update the download link or add as attachment .
Thanks for this post.. jQuery lightBox plugin is simple, elegant, unobtrusive, no need extra markup and is used to overlay images on the current page through the power and flexibility of jQuery´s selector..
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