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I know it may sound funny, but does MyBB take part in sponsoring a forum/community, or any similar negotiations by any chance?
Not that I've ever heard of, no.
Could this be a possibility if I had a valid reason why MyBB should sponsor me?

If so, who would be the person I contacted?
I don't understand what you mean by sponsorship?

You can donate here if thats what you mean:

MyBB is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers so I can't imagine "us" sponsoring anyone, if anything it would be the other way around.
Well I've got a plan to open up a new community and I feel it's gonna be a hit. It is pretty much going to be about methods of creating your own sites and forums completely free, or for the least amount of money possible.

The only reason why I bring up the sponsorship thing is specifically to see whether a specific free forum software out there is willing to help me out in regards to getting various things set up, and in return I will highly recommend their service and point any potential customers to the forum software I use.

It's a win win situation.
There may be very knowledgeable members here who are willing to help but I doubt you will get any official assistance from the MyBB group other than regular support. The reality is that every member thinks their site will be the next big thing and if we offered extra support in one case we would have to do it for everyone.
I guess so, but wouldn't MyBB love to have their service used as the forum software of choice for the community, and have that community devote its efforts to recommend MyBB as a free forum software to future customers?
And what happens if your idea doesn't take off? I don't think mybb is in the position to fund anything over and above hosting and maintaining this site.
Valid point I guess, however you never know until a risk is taken, no?

Basically one of the main things I'm asking is why I should use MyBB forum software to kick-start this new project?
Because, it's the best free forum software.

They aren't going to buy you to stay here. They gain nothing weather you use it or not. There is chance that mybb becomes more well known. But, if your site does take off people will know you used mybb because of the footer(assuming your not jackass).
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