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Title: My Demoboard
Description: New Releases, Game Demos, Updates, Review and Preview, Gameplay Videos, Online Playing, Gaming Discussion, General Discussion.

Board URL:
Your logo doesn't match the theme. Good luck with your forum though
Thanks for the advice, I will keep that in mind!!
It looks nice. Smile I think I'll join.
We will be glad to have you in GH, "Mod".
theme and logo updated..
Looks like a good forum, but I have to say that I don't really like your logo, looks abit out of place, in my opinion.
Good luck
Yeah the logo looks like it was just sort of thrown there without any forethought as to how it would compliment the theme or how the theme would compliment it. I don't really like the texture, border or colour of it. Best of luck with your forum anyways.
If you like, I can create you a custom theme.

This link might help you:

If your interested, shoot me a PM.
nice one.i saw your website on other forum too hehe
Thanks for all your comments.!! I am trying really hard to improve its looks and content.!!
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