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Full Version: Extenditude - A growing community for all things technical
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Join extenditude, a growing community for all things technical.

Originally setup as a site for editing saves for the psp game monster hunter, extenditude has a growing active community. We are expanding to cover a wider area of expertise, and would like you to contribute to this growing community.

Join Extenditude Today!
I like the name its very unique, your theme is also up to snuff. The only thing I suggest is revealing your hidden-to-guest forums because its bad SEO practice.

Also, fix the link in post.
Okay thanks will do Smile

Edit: no forums are hidden, they're in tabs just above the first category
Nice domain name! But it needs a better lookin' logo.
Thanks Smile
Yeah I'm not sure why that theme is on the main page, we have a different theme for members. Weird lol.