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Full Version: Can I bridge mybb login ?
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How would I bridge mybb login to AVArcade Or a similar script? Can someone help me as I would like to bridge a couple scripts if possible.

Thank you
Only a couple mediocres bridges exist for MyBB and 3rd party software. Your task will not be easy.
Hopefully in 1.6 or 2.0 will make this possible. :3
Oh... geee.. well I did not think so..I guess I will have to use the integrated arcade and toss my paid script then and the idea of the forum will need to be changed once again LOL..

Thank you Labrocca

Maybe is a huge word Kazuto
I was hoping the polls would be reformed in the next expected release however it does not appear that will change either. I love mybb and realize I do not have the experience in CSS to program a bridge...Huh

I think I can work with the database and it will not be easy ...but also there is someone that is working on a Jfusion plugin that will work with mybb. I don't hold my breath about these things LOL....
Probably the easiest way to do it (and I did this with wordpress and an old 1.2 forum), assuming the other software you want to integrate isn't to complex, is to run both software on the same database then hook into the registration function then insert the user into the user table of the other software as well as MyBB. It is also possible to share cookies by creating two cookies upon login this way and I did that for wordpress as well but its slightly more difficult.
I did this via a simple plugin basically following the steps TimB outlined to bridge a MyBB forum and Rusnak Adoptables.

Also, FlashChat has a nice integrated login!! So there are SOME decent bridges out there.
It must be in mybb 1.6
(2010-03-28, 05:54 AM)breathhacker Wrote: [ -> ]It must be in mybb 1.6

Did I say anything about 1.6? No. The bridge plugin I wrote was for 1.4. FlashChat works with 1.4. Don't make assumptions.
Okay well this is encouraging.. I will keep my hopes that this will be possible and since I got some helpful information here I will look into it. Thank you and wish me luck..