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Full Version: Highslide 4.1.13 Zoom/Slideshow/Watermark 5.0 Plugin
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[Image: nd7plt.jpg]

Plugin Author: Bomlife

  • Download the attached files.
    highslide> home directory.
    inc> home directory.


MyBB Highslide

Regular Expression:



<a href='$1' class="highslide" onclick="return hs.expand(this)"><img style="max-width: 500px;" src="$1" border="0" title="Larger İmage" /></a>

  • Admin Cp>Configuration>Plugins>MyBB Highslide>Activate.
  • Admin Cp>Configuration>Settings>Highslide Settings.

ukvapers Wrote:We fixed the issue with zooming signature images by doing the following:

1) Install the PHP Template Plugin
2) Replace the postbit_signature with the following

<div class="signature scaleimages">
<?php echo preg_replace('/\<a href=(.*)hs.expand\(this\)(.*)\<img(.*).src="(.*)"(.*)\<\/a>/','<img style="max-width: 350px; max-height: 200px;" src="$4">',$post['signature']); ?>

[Image: wioinm.png]

[Image: dbqpe0.png]
Very nice plugin Smile
Good job.
Great plugin Smile
loving this, thanks
if i using imagebam, the image thumbnails really tiny.
normally, if using imagebam when i click the thumbnails page go to new page with nomal size dimension of page

if i using this plugin, the image thumbnails really tiny, if i click the thumbnail still tiny.

any solution?
But don't like all te modifications that have to do Confused
I liked the plugins
but I wish if i can exclude signature from being displayed with it
is there any way to do that?
Excellent plugin. I always hated when a big image resized the page.
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