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Full Version: and mybb 1.4.12
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and mybb 1.4.12 ????

this is the final release of the mybb 1.4 series right?

and the release date?
As we say time and time again, we don't set release dates, goes for the 1.4 series too, not sure why people keep asking. 1.4.12 will be released alongside 1.6.0, so that any new bugs that get found in 1.4 will just get patched in 1.6.
And presumably, that's based on the assumption that there are no major bugs discovered to cause a need for another release for the 1.4 series before 1.6 is done. Right? At which time, there would be a different "final" release of the 1.4 series.

Just pointing that out in case there *is* an issue and someone wants to complain about 1.6 not being released at that time. Not my place, sorry, but I've noticed no one seems to have any patience and everything possible like that seems to come up.
There will be no official final release for 1.4. We will update it with security issues until its EOL (end of life), which will be announced later on. However, we highly recommend always keeping up with the latest stable release. We will not fix minor bugs in 1.4 after 1.6 is released.