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Full Version: Unusuall SEL-based forum game concept
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Intro: Forum game to search and manipulate information
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Extra comments: Experimental forum game concept, game takes place in the world based on "Serial Experiments Lain" anime series.

Ive recently had a concept for a forum-based game.
Its quite unusuall and I was wondering if it could work out so I decided to give it a try.

The concept is a bit complex and difficult to explain in a few words.
Basically the idea is that users have very limited possibilites and communication is difficult.
Even so they must seek for clues on the forum to solve prepared quests.
Users are divided into classes with various possibilites and at least a few of those are required to complete quests.

Im still preparing the forum but I got my concept thought out and its only a matter of time to set up everything.
Still Im looking for participants already as Ill need at least a small group of people to start off.