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Full Version: Bridging
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What about a plugin for making mybb the main page and linking from there to another portion of your site without having to log into it. People are looking for this all over the net.
Joomla has the ability to do this with mybb. It uses Jfusion. I did see there was one in the works for mybb a jfusion plug. It never got here.
Jfusion has no MyBB dev/
(2010-03-27, 01:31 PM)Mark.M Wrote: [ -> ]Jfusion has no MyBB dev/

I tohught there wa s a mod that used jfusion ?
(2010-03-27, 06:06 PM)tommykent1210 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2010-03-27, 01:31 PM)Mark.M Wrote: [ -> ]Jfusion has no MyBB dev/

I tohught there wa s a mod that used jfusion ?

Jfusion it self doesn't work anymore though. Like no one has patched it for ages.
I did see it on the net .. the file that is with the sources but I was not going to try it in fear of loosing my developing forum. It's unfortunate that Jfusion has one for SM VB and others. I think it would make Mybb even more popular as it would be the main feature software instead of a secondary.
I have made bridging plugins multiple times already. In fact I'm polishing up a MyBB-2-MyBB bridge right now. If you create a User on one board, it creates the same User on the other. However things like Avatar, Sig, YahooIM, AIM, etc.... can be different on each board (set from that board's User CP). If you log into either site, it logs you into the other.

Now, that is all only true if you install the plugin on both and set each board's SECONDARY board to be the other board. It also has the capability to be installed only on one board where you want every member to be members of the other, but you DO NOT want every member of the other to be members of the first. So you don't install it on the other board. I realize that sounds complicated, but it so definitely isn't. Smile
That is what I am looking for and no it does not sound complicated to me at all. Thank you I will get back to you shortly