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Full Version: HTTP API for Developers
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I've started working on a HTTP API for Developers so you don't have to go through the pain of having to load MyBB's core files and such. It's very similar to Twitter's API.

To access it, you'll use CURL or such with this format:
It would then return a JSON array with your data.

Methods that require you to be logged in will use HTTP Authentication which can also be done through CURL.

I will release both the server file for your Forums, and the class file for you to develop with (PHP that is).

This could potentially unlock new doors and allow people to integrate their applications that aren't written in PHP with MyBB.

So my question to all of you is what methods would you like to see? I'm going to do the basic user verification, adding/modifying user profiles, adding/modifying posts and so on. What methods would you like to see in it? I want to make sure this will make developing with MyBB easier.
So it's basically with an RPC interface?

Could be interesting. If it allowed user registration, it could be used by MyBB forums (which are running on separate servers) to replicate user accounts and settings... although if you're going that far you probably should be joining the forums together anyways. Wink

Unfortunately with such a system there are a lot of variables... what happens if the forum happens to be down, you need a system that re-tries failed requests at a later time etc... It's also a challenge security wise... good luck with it.

Why are you making it, what are you planning to do with it?
I've set it up so you have to have a certain key to access anything. This key is defined within the server-side file, so no one will be able to access it unless they have the key.
Wow, so it could become possible to post with the windows live writer: which supports HTTP XML requests.
(2010-03-28, 02:31 AM)querschlaeger Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, so it could become possible to post with the windows live writer: which supports HTTP XML requests.
That would be awesome ^.^. I think you should make it like the Twitter API which will make it easy to create user registration forms, pull user data, and even post from a field on a other site with POST method.
Yep, I've got POST too. You'll use GET to retrieve data and POST to send data you want to add/modify.
could i take part in the project.. started my own.. since its very hard to code with my self.. Im thinking getting some ideas from you might work
I will likely create a Google Code project for it, since it will be GPL. That way you can stay up to date always.
I'd like to be able to use this to create a browser extension that can navigate to all of the forums with a drop down menu & sub-menu for sub-forums. Well I'd like to see someone else use it for that because I'm not particularly handy with programming. lol

So I guess I'm saying that I'd like to see it return the list of forums.
Any update on this? I know the OP is 'away' with no return date.

Doug, if you see this, willing to part with the current code you have written for this? I might want to pick it up.
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