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Full Version: Glitch?
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[Image: BfUPw.png]
Maybe this is just me, but why is there only 5 members? And on my profile it says I have 100% of total posts.
LOL! I didn't even notice this until I saw this post... My profile says 100% of all posts as well, and several others I checked (all with more than 53 posts - 58 when I checked, over 60 now so it's still counting - as the above picture and currently the forum is claiming is the "total" number <-- I suspect this is why).

But it's not just showing that to you. lol!
Oh noes! We broke it Sad.
Why is it showing only 5 members?
I accidentally the forum.
CHRIS stop feeding ice cream to the server.
(2010-03-28, 05:03 AM)Dennis Tsang Wrote: [ -> ]CHRIS stop feeding ice cream to the server.
But it likes ice cream Sad.
What do you mean by "Only 5 users"?
In the picture in the original post (and on the boards for a while) it claimed there were only 5 registered users on this forum. It appears to be fixed now, though. Of course it was even funnier considering there were more than 5 members logged in and viewing the forum at the time.
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