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Full Version: Attatchments
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Is it possible we can have more attachments per post here at For example in the plugin releases forum, as I have my plugin an example language file AND translations Sad I can only upload 5 attachments per post
Why not make a zip with them all?
I handle this in this way: First I upload the plugin in Mod section:
There you can attach as many pictures you want and you will get a thumbnail too.

Second I start a thread in Plugin release forum and use the thumbnails AND URL to original size. For example:
Results in this:
[Image: 16206-1263486905-pagemanager_04.thumb.png]

So you can use all your 5 attachments for other things than images. One attachment I would use for a mirror of the plugin itself. Language files you can attach as many you want in mod section too, so I see no reason to attach them in release thread.
Well, really its individual zip files i wan to add. I have found the only way to do it is copy the link from a reply I made Smile I dont want to make people download all the languages they dont need Sad
You should use the Mods site. The release forums here may be phased out in the near future anyway, because it is redundant to have 2 official release portals here.
Are the discussion ones gonna be shut down too?
Probably not, as the mods site does not have a discussion or support facility.