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Full Version: Coppermine Built in Bridge?
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Yo guys, so I added coppermine to the subdomain

So I installed everything, and I was trying to set up the bridge but I keep getting this error

Quote:../forums/config.php doesn't exist. Correct the value you entered for Relative path to your BBS's config file

I tried looking for a way to fix it and I found that I should try and set both cookie paths to "/" and they were already like that so I can't figure out how to make it work.

My homepage is is in the dir. public_html/

My forums are in the dir. public_html/forums

And the gallery is in the dir. public_html/pix

the forum url is set to

Any help?
Relative path for config.php should be ../forums/inc/ I believe. Smile
Oh wow. That was a fail by me xP forgot where the config.php file is hahah thanks dude

edit: When I try to sign in it takes me to the forums. Undecided how do I fix that?
Have you got a test account?
For MyBB I sure do.

Login: john814s

Pass: 123456

EDIT: What it seems to do is lo me into the MyBB board but not coppermine ... strange..
Your cookies aren't set right.

Being logged into MyBB should automatically log you into Coppermine.

What have you got them set as? (for MyBB & Coppermine)
Well, before I got the bridge up and working I thought that I might be a cookie problem that was stopping it from working so I know that the cookie path on coppermine was set to "/" and I think the domain was set to coppermine maybe?

But on MyBB cookie path is "/" cookie domain is "" and there is no cookie prefix.
You can check the cookie settings for Coppermine in the Config section. I think what you've put above is right though.

You did use the bridge file for 1.4 not 1.2?
Um dee dum. I used what ever bridge came with coppermine I am pretty sure that it was 1.4, I'd have noticed other wise.

Ummmm I can't get into the config section because every time I log in it won't log in xP
It's the MyBB 1.2 bridge file that comes with Coppermine.

There's a MyBB 1.4 -> cpg1.4 bridge file here -

I think the settings are right but you're using the wrong bridge file. Undecided
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