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Full Version: [WIP] Football Boards
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Working on this at the moment, not fully functional yet but feel free to sign up. Will be launching properly when the theme is finished.

(Top Menu not working)
Nice but maybe make the images in the forum smaller.
Not bad but I highly advise finding an alternative to box-shadow. Makes the whole page lag.
Does it? Doesn't for me?.
Looks good. Smile
Cheers Smile
Site lags a little. (Not loading just cpu intensive like) Ficons should be a little smaller, imho. Umm apart from that, its amazing.
Hmm, the lagging doesn't happen for me...strange!
(04-19-2010, 08:28 AM)Aaron Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm, the lagging doesn't happen for me...strange!

Me neither. Undecided
I have taken it off for the time being whilst i work on the rest of it. Will see what it's like when I'm done.
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