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Full Version: Anyone using SQLite?
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This is more of a technical question than anything else but I was wondering if any myBB users can comment on their experience using SQLite as a database option instead of mySQL.

I like a lot of the option to keep the database together with the forum files, makes it so much easier to manage backups but I'm worried if my website grows popular to >20k pageviews per day with thousands of people participating.

Is memory consumption worse than mySQL? Will it support that type of pressure?


If not, is there a possibility of later in the future moving from SQLite to Mysql?

Thank you for helping me clear out these doubts.

I absolutely despise MySQL and love SQLite3. However, PHP's SQLite interface is just plain bad. MyBB's database abstraction layer is not all that hot either.

With PHP, and therefore MyBB, you simply do not have any choice. You have to use MySQL because that's what everone uses, that's what everyone tests with, and that's what everything is optimized for. Choose anything else and you will find tons of stuff that will either not work or be unbearably slow.
Hi frostschutz,

Thank you for the reply. It's a real pity to hear that. I like the SQLite concept a lot.

Unfortunately, I'm also a person that customizes the forums too much. Guess I'll have to conform myself to mySQL.

Once again, thanks for the input.