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Full Version: Anime Life!
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Site Name: Anime Life

Site URL:

Description: A great new anime and manga forum!

Your Name on the Board: Windd
Quote:Description: A great new anime and manga forum!

What makes it great with only 6 posts, and the MyBB logo showing?

Sorry, but before making such "bold" statements, at least have something showing to back it up....Like a decent logo and forum content that'd "tempt" folks into joining your forum!!
I never said it had content.
And the theme is near complete.
(04-25-2010, 04:28 AM)Windd Wrote: [ -> ]I never said it had content.

LOL!! Okay, so what makes it so great?
For one, it's unique skin and nice community atmosphere.
Yep. I really like what I did with the theme. It is almost done and I reckon it looks great so far.
Yes it does Toungue