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Full Version: [Release] MyBB Orkut 1.0
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[Image: b7jl8j.png]

Theme Name: MyBB Orkut
Theme Version: 1.0
For MyBB: 1.4
Theme Description: The theme is based on orkut which is a Social networking and discussion site operated by Google. Theme includes button PSDs. This is my first theme release for MyBB, so hope for the best. Blush


[attachment=18069] [attachment=18070] [attachment=18071]


Alternate Download Link:
No comments?
WOAH! That is freaking amazing! Its like vB4! Toungue

Only thing I don't like is the size of the navbar. (#panel)
Good job, it looks great.
Its awesome! man!
very much like orkut!
I will ask you to make me a custom theme later!! Toungue
Thanks for the comments. Smile
Alternate Download link added.
Good job Toungue