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Full Version: Make plugin downloads clearer and more structured
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For a long time I watch that designs and plug-ins are available for download messy. Thus, the Readme located in the same directory where the files are that you have to upload. Often happens that you also uploads the readme.

What could be improved:
  • Define a standard: You should have two folders in the root directory: Upload and documentation. I think the two names speak for themselves. If it were standard, the most plug-ins of the future would be that way. There would be at the modification sites that support that, only those plugins. Of course, one does not prohibit it otherwise offer. But most would support it.

What would it take?
  • It would not only create overview, but it would also bring new technical opportunities. So programs could recognize waht the part of upload-files ist and provide to a 1-click installation. This is just one point among many.
Agreed. This would be nice.
Yeah this would be more understandable.
Thanks to all who already do this.
Agreed, this structure would be nice. However, for single file plugins it's a bit overkill imo.
Oh yes: plugins with just one file that should keep it. And in the folder "Upload", the structure will be retained. Even if it's just a file, it should be in the folder "inc" and then in the folder "plugins".
+1. I'd like to see this too.
I don't think you can force the authors to do so...
Perhaps a suggestion for MyBB 2. Wink
Yeah once MyBB 2 is released (Toungue), we could have it in the requests for when you're submitting something, like a specific layout you must use.
It is possible to enforce a certain layout for uploaded plugins. We'll have to limit the uploads to zip's though, but I think that is acceptable. Not that many people will need or know how to use rar archives.
Yeah, zip would be fine. I guess it would be necessary for even 1 file plugins to keep structure, if/when the direct installation feature comes.
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