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Full Version: [Release] YouTube
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Name: YouTube
Price: free
Author: Trinit
Version: 1
This is a YouTube styled mybb theme. The colors are the same of YouTube, and the hover YouTube colors are the same.
I don't think that I have to write what is youtube but, if you don't know what is.. Wikipedia helps you!
You could see the developement process of the theme here.
If you aren't english like me, in the pack there are the PSD of the buttons.

[url=]Here/url] or [attachment=18126]

Screenshots (Sorry if you don't see them well, I saved them in .GIF):
[Image: 687k2e.gif]
[Image: rt2bmo.gif]
[Image: 5z4jkz.gif]
[Image: 2i2bjps.png]
cool Wink
Thanks Wink I'm releasing a Google one
Very nice. I can't wait for the google one! Smile
Very original. Nice work there, looking forward to the google one as well.
Very nice. The google one is, orgasmic.
Thank y'all =)
Uploaded! It will be here when the mybb staff will accept it =)
SWEET. Its sooo sexy. Smile
This one turned out nice.
Dammit, I was planning to do a YouTube one as well, you beat me to it.Toungue Nice work.
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