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Full Version: [Release] evobb 1.4.x
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License: GNU GPL 3
Author: Jay
Details: evobb is a simplistic grey theme with sky blue hints. Included are custom smilies, buttons and modifications.

1. Upload the evobb folder into your images directory.
2. Import EvoBB-theme.xml in admincp > templates & style > themes > import a theme.


Pretty good theme.
Tbh, I don't like it that much. The colours are a bit dull, and it's pretty much just the default theme with a centered toplinks div. 3/10.
10 post to download that theme is bit expensive
(2010-05-03, 09:35 AM)alirex Wrote: [ -> ]10 post to download that theme is bit expensive

How on earth is it expensive? You don't pay a thing, and ten posts is nothing, let's be fair.
It's worth it.
Pretty cool, but body image is too big- it increases loading time.